Another Three Rare Bird Sightings!

Although I don’t get out too often, I managed to escape into the field over a few days in October, during the peak of the migratory season. While up at Wingfield Level on October 16, I was pleased with the Warbler activity. In one stretch of trees I saw a Black & White Warbler, a Yellow Warbler, an American Redstart […]


Campbell Evelyn was a naturalist, an environmentalist and a patriot of St. Kitts & Nevis. He loved the outdoors and was an avid camper. He loved birding. And he also loved hunting! It is claimed that Campell could identify many birds, not only by sight or by sound, but also by taste! He was instrumental in raising awareness in the […]


On March 23rd Percy Hanley was on the South East Peninsula passing the time by doing a little birding in the area around the artificial ponds created by the development of Christophe Harbour. He suddenly heard a call with which he was not familiar. He saw this greyish bird with a whitish eyebrow stripe, two wing bars, and long tail. […]


March is turning out to be an interesting month for rare birds in St. Kitts, with five rare birds making an appearance! And one of these birds is a first for St.Kitts! The first to be spotted was a White-crowned Pigeon sighted on March 3, by Glenroy Blanchette by the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant area. Interestingly enough, I also saw a […]

First Rare Bird For 2014

Having not had time for any birding over the past few weeks, I decided that on late Friday afternoon, I would briefly pass by the Frigate Bay Pond, on the way to my Kid’s football game. This was on February 1st, 2014. It was full of Common Gallinules, Caribbean Coots, a few Blue-winged Teals, and one very conspicuous white bird! […]

Bird Report – Alan Vittery

REPORT ON BEHALF OF THE ST. CHRISTOPHER HERITAGE SOCIETY: THE ORNITHOLOGICAL AND ECOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE OF WETLAND SITES AND THE ECO-TOURISM POTENTIAL OF BIRDS IN ST. KITTS Alan Vittery 1. I visited St. Kitts (privately) for two weeks from 11 – 25 November 2006, during which time I made an intensive study of the birds of the southern part of the island, […]


Searching the web has its benefits! Last week I had a bit of spare time and entered “birding st.kitts” and several pages back I came across a birding blog by Jerry Jourdan who had visited St. Kitts a couple of years ago on a cruise ship. The date was March 4th, 2010 to be exact. He described that as the […]


On Sunday, September 1st, 2013, I ventured over to the Half Moon Bay Pond as the migratory season has now started in earnest. Recently, I had been seeing a lot of “peeps” and other waders on and around the Golf Course, along with a variety of other birds. At Half Moon Bay, I casually observed the construction of a new […]