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According to the Society for the Conservation & Study of Caribbean Birds (S.C.S.C.B.) there are 770 species of Birds in the Caribbean region (excluding Trinidad & Tobago), of which 148 are endemic to the region, and at least 105 are found only on a single island.


St. Kitts & Nevis has recorded 197 different species, but there is no doubt that the actual number is far higher. The island of Guadeloupe is just a stone’s throw away to the South of us, and they have recorded in excess of 258 different birds as at the end of 2006, a full 5 years ago. Although we are smaller in size than Guadeloupe, our ecosystems are quite similar. The vast majority of their birds are migratory and there is virtually no reason why if they are spotted in Guadeloupe that they should not also be spotted here. Regretfully, St. Kitts has very few resident birders with only 2 known to be active! This does not contribute many boots on the ground or eyes to binoculars!