By Michael Ryan — October 8, 2017.

On Sunday morning, October 1st, I was playing a round of golf at the Royal St. Kitts Golf Course at Frigate Bay. On the 14th hole there were a few waders on the fairway, which I hardly gave a glance, until one of them caught my eye. Initially, I thought it was a Lesser Yellowleg, but there was something a little different that did not blend with a Yellowleg match. Fortunately, I had my camera and casually took a couple of shots, not really thinking too much about it.

However, when I got home and reviewed the pictures, it was apparent that it was not a Yellowleg, but looked very much like a Ruff. I sent off the photos to the Whatbird forum, and lo and behold, they confirmed that it was indeed a Ruff.

P1170983 (2)

Research indicates that while this specie has been seen in Nevis before, it has never been spotted here in St. Kitts! A great feeling just before I embark on my annual celebration of International Migratory Bird Day in St. Kitts, by attempting to break the current record of spotting 74 different species over a two day period, (or 20 hours).

P1170983 (3)