Another new bird has been spotted in St. Kitts!

On September 8, 2012 in the Frigate Bay area, a Black tern was observed flying across the golf course by local bird photographer, Glenroy Blanchette.


According to the Birds of the West Indies, by Raffelle et al, a black tern (non-breeding adult) is grey above, forecrown, hindneck, and underparts white except dark patches on side of breast. Dark patches behind eye.

While the Black tern bird has been seen in and around some of the other Caribbean islands, there is no record of it being spotted here before.

This is the fourth new bird specie that has been spotted in St.Kitts & Nevis this year, following the earlier sightings of an Anhinga, Nutmeg Manikin, Black-throated green warbler, and now a Black tern. This brings the total number of birds in St.Kitts & Nevis to 203.