List of Birds

Bird species of St. Kitts & Nevis

Michael H. Ryan

(UPDATED JULY 8, 2021)

Foreword, JULY 8, 2021. (3rd UPDATE)

Time files! I cannot believe that it s almost 10 years has passed  since I last undertook a major update of this site! Family commitments, Work commitments, House repair commitments, and now the Covid 19 effects have consumed my time. But life goes on, as does the count of the number of bird spotted here! Slowly, but surely! Hope you find this site informative! Enjoy! 


Foreword, January 22, 2013. (2nd UPDATE)

Another two years have flown since the last upgrade, and what a great period this was! A total of 6 new species have been added to the list of birds for St. Kitts & Nevis. A scientific expedition was undertaken last April, and in October there was a possible recording of an extinct bird, the St. Kitts Bullfinch. We are also grateful to PHD candidate, Mark Ludlow for keeping us updated on new sightings on Nevis.

Foreword, February 14, 2011. (1ST UPDATE)

Almost four years has passed since this list was first compiled, in January 2007. The current number of Birds for St. Kitts & Nevis has risen to 196 (January 14, 2011), with the latest edition being a Wood Duck, which was recently spotted at Frigate Bay. It is felt however, that the number of Bird Species for St. Kitts & Nevis should really be much higher, as many of the neighboring islands have reported a wider variety of migratory birds, most of which almost certainly pass through our Federation too! Regretfully, there are very few persons observing or recording birds here, and as a result, many species remain unreported.
I have also updated the “Comments” section of the Bird List, adding newly sighted birds and updating the last year that each bird has been spotted, as at February 14, 2011.

Hopefully this report will help to educate both residents and visitors alike on the diverse number of Birds that live and fly around us!



To update the list of Birds observed in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies.


I would first like to thank Percy Hanley, fellow Bird enthusiast and nature lover, for his continuous encouragement and support for this project. I would also like to thank Alan Vittery, who encouraged me to contribute to Birding whenever possible, and to opening my eyes to the potential that Birding has in the Federation, by spotting over 89 Birds in less than two weeks. In addition, I would like to thank Ryan Porteous, Steve Spicer, and Peter Mallalieu, for making their lists and information available, and in Nevis, Jim Johnson, who supplied a wealth of useful and accurate data which was crucial for completion of this list, and more recently, P.H.D. candidate, Mark Michael Ludlow. More recently, I would like to thank Lynelle Bonaparte for attempting to create birding interest in the Federation, and starting a birding club, Club BirdersSKN!


When I first started birding in St. Kitts about many years ago, I researched the number of birds that had been observed on the islands of St. Kitts & Nevis. Most international lists indicated around 139 birds. It soon became apparent however, that this list was woefully incomplete, as I had recorded many birds that were not on any of the lists. Further research indicated that not many birders had visited the Federation, and even fewer had submitted any reports. The few experienced ones that visited recently, have for the most part, been pleasantly surprised, particularly with waders/shorebirds, as St. Kitts has at least 10 major ponds, which attract many of the migratory species during the fall and winter months.

When my personal local list reached 100 different species, I decided to update our list, and somewhat to my surprise, I received widespread support from many persons, including several from the non-birding community. I am now pleased to report that our list includes some 214 different species, up significantly from 139!

It should be noted that a handful of birds were only observed by one person, but as I personally know most of the sources of these reports, and knowing their stickling for details, I have decided to include them as I do not doubt their accuracy. The other single sightings were mostly from members of the Scientific Community engaged in some form of research work, and were taken at face value. These single sightings are clearly stated in the “Comments” section of the bird list. Lately, I have included most of the sightings submitted to e-bird, once it appears that the particular report is not likely to be erroneous!

This updated list includes two endemic birds, both now considered to be extinct, the Burrowing owl sub-specie, (endemic to St. Kitts, Nevis & Antigua), and the St. Kitts Bullfinch (endemic to St.Kitts & Nevis). The latter is of great interest. The St. Kitts Bullfinch was last reported as seen in 1929, although there was an unofficial sighting in 1993 by local naturalist Campbell Evelyn, and his wife. There was also a credible report of its call being heard in 2012 by an experienced birder from Puerto Rico, Father Sanchez, who is extremely familiar with the Puerto Rico Bullfinch. Additionally, in 2021, a scientific research project using a Sonogram, recorded a bird call of a Bullfinch, which raised hopes. The data is still being studied. There is reasonable circumstantial evidence and there are encouraging signs that it may still be alive, and may exist in the Mt. Liamuiga and Stonefort forests of St. Kitts. In 2021, the A.O.U. officially designated the St. Kitts Bullfinch as a separate specie in its own right, splitting it from the association of a sub-specie of the Puerto Rico Bullfinch. I ask all birders to keep an eye out, and if any sightings are experienced, please do not hesitate to contact the author at

Similarly, if any visitor would like to submit their report on the list of Birds sighted while visiting the Federation, please feel free to do so to at e-mail addresses, or submit to E-bird.

Otherwise, I hope this small contribution can be of assistance to all birders, both resident and visitors alike, and to interested persons wherever they may be. In addition, it is hoped that potential developers will realize that we have a delicate eco-system, and they, along with the local authorities, will plan responsibly, and work hand-in-hand to maintain a reasonable balance between development and preservation of the environment.

Finally, if there are any errors or omissions in this report, please accept my apologies for the oversight.


Descriptive Code:

Nevis Bird Sightings

3Nev               Sighting by at least three or more persons, or three separate sightings, or a photo. List produced by the late Jim Johnson.

Note: In general, we do not have any specific locations of exactly where in Nevis any of the sightings occurred.

St. Kitts Bird Sightings

F-                    First known sighting in St. Kitts based on limited research.

L-                    Last known sighting in St. Kitts based on current research.

Common:       A sighting is expected every year on the island.

AVIBASE      Listed on the Avibase International list. (, but where I could not determine any dates of sightings in St. Kitts, from any sources.

SCHS              Listed on the list of Birds from The St. Christopher Heritage Society (Now the National Trust Society.)

B/terre            Basseterre

SEP                 South East Peninsular of St. Kitts

FBP                Frigate Bay Pond

FRBP             Friar’s Bay Pond

GSP                Great Salt Pond

LSP                 Little Salt Pond

MBP               Major’s Bay Pond

TBP                Turtle Beach Pond

CSP                Cockleshell Bay Pond

RSKBP          Royal St. Kitts Golf Course Ponds

MP                  Muddy Point Pond

HMBP             Half Moon Bay Pond

GHP               GreatHeeds Pond

WHB              White House Bay



MR                 Michael H. Ryan,  

AV                  Alan Vittery,

PH                   Percy Hanley                                        

EH                  Ed. Hall

RLN               Robert L. Norton

DWS               David I. Steadman

RP                   Ryan Porteous

MML              Mark Michael Ludlow

GB                  Glenroy Blanchette






I have tried to supply additional information by including the year of the first (F-) and last (L-) sighting of birds in St. Kitts. However please note that it was difficult to obtain/research this type of information, but I have nonetheless provided entries based on the results of my research. Notwithstanding, the author recognizes that there may be earlier or more likely, additional sightings, but for which I did not have knowledge when this report was being prepared. However, for birds that are very likely to be sighted at least every year, I have put COMMON as the last sighting.

In respect to Nevis, most sightings were supplied by the late Jim Johnson.

All locations are general, but are likely to be the area where at least one sighting occurred. Of course, sightings would not necessarily be limited to these areas.

If no sightings were found in my research for St. Kitts, but a bird is listed in the Avibase list or St Christopher Heritage Society’s list, I simply put “Avibase” or “SCHS” in the comments section, as presumably, there must have been sightings for any bird to have made the Avibase or SCHS official lists. These now consist of a very small number. On annual updates additional information may be added where applicable e.g. (“2021” to list of species for last sighting). 

The Islands of St. Kitts & Nevis are only 2 miles apart, and because of this close proximity, the author feels that any bird sighted on St. Kitts, would almost certainly be seen on Nevis, and vice versa, with the possible exception of Vagrants. In addition, a review of the list of migratory birds registered as sighted in the neighboring islands and not in St. Kitts or Nevis, is quite significant. This does not make sense, other than a lack of active birders in the Federation resulting in very few reports & sightings being declared. The birds are likely to visit here!

Finally, Birds of the West Indies by Raffaele et al, does indicate several other species for the “Northern Lesser Antilles”, but I have not included them as no sightings have been confirmed as yet.

BIRDS OF ST. KITTS & NEVIS, effective July 8, 2021.

The unofficial bird list of St. Kitts and Nevis

1 Audubon’s Shearwater Nevis F/L 2011 E-bird, 3Nev No
2 Wilson’s Storm Petrel Nevis 3Nev No
3 Leach’s Storm Petrel   Avibase, 3Nev No
4 Cory’s Shearwater Offshore F-2015, E-bird No 
5 White-tailed Tropicbird Basseterre F-1982, L-2018,  3Nev (2012) No
6 Red-billed Tropicbird Basseterre  F-2019, 3Nev No
7 Masked Booby   F/L 2019 No
8 Brown Booby Basseterre  F-1936, L-Common,  3Nev Yes
9 Red-footed Booby FB/Nevis F-2007, L-2019, 3Nev  No
10 Brown Pelican All calm seas F-1904, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
11 Magnificent Frigatebird All calm seas F-1931, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
12 Greater Black-Backed Gull Nevis F-L 2021,Nevis (2007, MML) Yes
13 Ring-billed Gull TBP, B/terre F-1988, L-2022, 3Nev  Yes
14 Herring Gull FBP, B/terre F-1988, L-2020, 3Nev Yes
15 Lesser Black-backed Gull Basseterre F- 2004, L-2021 Yes
16 Laughing Gull Seas/Ponds F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
17 Black Headed Gull Basseterre F-2000, – Last 2022 Yes
18 Bonaparte’s Gull Greatheeds Pond F-L 2018 No 
214 Gull-billed Tern Muddy Pond F-L-2022 YES
19 Caspian Tern   F-2015, 3Nev No
20 Royal Tern Basseterre F-1904, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
21 Least Tern Beaches, etc. F-1962, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
22 Sooty Tern Booby Island F-1931, L-2013, 3Nev  No
23 Bridled Tern Booby Island F-2009, L-2014, Nev (2007)  No 
24 Roseate Tern Basseterre F-1931, L-2018, 3Nev No 
25 Common Tern Basseterre F-1985, L-2021, 3Nev No
26 Sandwich Tern   F-1997-98, L – 2018, 3Nev No
27 Black Tern FBGC F/L-2012 (GB) Yes
28 Arctic Tern Frigate Bay F-L 2021 Yes
29 Foster’s Tern Royal SKB Golf Course F-2015 (E-Bird) No
30 Black Skimmer Four Seasons, Nevis F-2012, E-bird No
31 Long Tailed Jaeger Basseterre Harbour F-2010, L-2013 No
32 Pomarine Jaeger Basseterre F-2005, l-2019, 3Nev No
33 Brown Noddy WHB F-1935, L-2017, 3Nev No
34 Great Blue Heron All Ponds F-1935, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
35 Green Heron FBP F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
36 Black-crowned Heron All Ponds F-1936, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
37 Yellow-crowned Heron All Ponds F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
38 Great Egret All Ponds F-1985, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
39 Snowy Egret All Ponds F-1982, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
40 Cattle Egret Everywhere F-1977, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
41 Little Blue Heron All Ponds F-1982, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
42 Tricolored Heron FBP F-2005, L-2018, 3Nev Yes
43 Grey Heron Muddy Pond F/L-2006 Seen by 3 persons over a period of several days. No
44 Least Bittern Muddy Pond F-2007, (PH),L-2014 No
45 Little Egret FBP  F- 2006, L-2014 Yes
46 Glossy Ibis  FBP F/L 2017, 3Nev (F- 2010) Yes
47 Greater Flamingo GSP, HMBP F 2001, VAGRANT Seen by dozens of persons. L-2013 (Immature) Yes
48 Black-bellied Plover HMBP, TBP F-1935, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
49 Amer. Golden Plover  TBP, F-1988, L-2017, 3Nev Yes
50 Snowy Plover All Ponds F-1962, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
51 Wilson’s Plover All Ponds F-1922, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
52 Semipalmated Plover All Ponds F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
53 Piping Plover LSP, CSP F- 1988, L-2005, 3Nev No
54 Collared Plover Conaree ONE SIGHTING ONLY, F/L-1977. (Collared Plover sighting here supported by several sightings on St.Martin in 1973.) No
55 Pacific Golden Plover Frigate Bay  F-2006, L-2012. Two separate occasions, the latter by 3 different persons. Photographed. Yes
56 Killdeer MP, HMBP, F-2001, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
57 American Oystercatcher Banana Bay F – 1988, (RLN), 2 birds, likely blown here by Hurricane Gilbert, L – 2019. Yes
58 Black-necked Stilt All Ponds F-1880, L-2017, 3Nev Common. Yes
59 American Avocet FBH F-2006, L-2009 No
60 Greater Yellow Legs All Ponds F-1935, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
61 Lesser Yellow Legs All Ponds F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
62 Solitary Sandpiper All Ponds F-1988, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
63 Spotted Sandpiper All Ponds F-1935, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
64 Semipalmated Sandpiper All Ponds F-1931, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
65 Least Sandpiper All Ponds F-1904, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
66 Western Sandpiper All Ponds F-1988, L-2020, 3Nev  Yes
67 White-rumped Sandpiper LSP, SEP, FBP F-1988, L-2018 Yes
68 Pectoral Sandpiper FBP, CSP etc F-1988, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
69 Stilt Sandpiper All Ponds F-1982, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
70 Sanderling Beaches etc. F-1977, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
71 Willet All Ponds F-1988, L-2021, 3Nev Yes
72 Whimbrel CSP, FBP etc F-1988, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
73 Black-tailed Godwit TBP L- 1988, 3Nev No
74 Marbled Godwit CSP L-2005, 3Nev Yes
75 Hudsonian Godwit FBP F-2006, L-2016 Yes
76 Ruddy Turnstone All Ponds F-1931, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
77 Red Knot TBP, MBP F-1988, L–2016, 3Nev  Yes
78 Dunlin GSP F-1989, L-2005 No
79 Short-billed Dowitcher TBP, FBP F-1988, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
80 Long-billed Dowitcher GSP Avibase, L-1988 (RLN) Report “Although carefully examined at close range, we regard this specie as hypothetical because of great difficulty of distinguishing it from L. griseus.” No
81 Wilson’s Snipe GSP, FBSP,  F-1936, L-2017, 3Nev Yes
82 Curlew Sandpiper FBP, MP F-2005, L-2006  No
83 Baird’s Sandpiper HMP ONE SIGHTING ONLY, 2006 (AV) No
84 Ruff Nevis F 2017, L-2021, 3Nev Yes
85 Buff-breasted Sandpiper F.B.G.C. F-2014, 3Nev No
215 Wilson’s Phalarope Major’s Pond F-L 2022 Yes
86 Clapper Rail CSP, FBP,  F-1920, L-2006, 3Nev  No
87 Sora CSP, FBP F-1929, L-2021, 3Nev No
88 Purple Gallinule F.B.G.C. , F -2012, L – 2018 Yes
89 Common Moorhen (Now Common Gallinule) All Ponds F-1929, L-2021, 3Nev Yes
90A American Coot GHP, FBP F-1929, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
B Caribbean Coot (Now considered a Sub-Specie of the American Coot)  GHP F-2012, L-2021 Nevis 1997-98 (Breeding) Yes
91 Pied-billed Grebe CSP F-2006, L-Common, 3Nev, (Breeding) Yes
92 Double-crested Cormorant Nevis F-2019, 3Nev  No
93 Olivaceous Cormorant Nevis 3Nev No
94 Anhinga Nevis Nevis 2012 (MML et al) No
95 Hooded Merganser Golf Course Pond F-L 2022 Yes
96 Mute Swan Frigate Bay F/L 2004 Yes
97 Black-bellied Whistling Duck RSKBP F-2009, L-2012 Yes
98 Fulvous Whistling-Duck No Details F/L-1981  No
99 W. Indian Whistling Duck No Details F-1881, L-2022 Yes
100 Tundra Swan RSKBP Two separate sightings, one on or about 10 years ago (approx. 2001) and the other around 1995. Researched circumstantial evidence indicates Tundra Swan on both occasions. No
101 Northern Pintail CSP F/L 2013, 3 Nev  Yes
102 American Wigeon TBP F-2007, L 2019, 3Nev Yes
103 Green-winged Teal All Ponds F-1988, L-2021, 3Nev No
104 Northern Shoveler St. Kitts F-2000, L 2012, 3Nev Yes
105 Cinnamon Teal SEP F/L-2011 Yes
106 Blue-winged Teal All Ponds F-1981, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
107 Lesser Scaup TBP F-1981, L-2021, 3Nev  Yes
108 White-checked Pintail TBP, FBP F-1935, L-Common, 3Nev, (Breeding) Yes
109 Ruddy Duck GHP F-1936, L-2021, 3Nev  Yes
110 Ringed-necked Duck FBP F-2005, L – 2020, 3Nev Yes
111 Masked Duck Nevis 3Nev No
112 Muscovy Duck Nevis F – 2011, L- 2022, 3Nev Yes
113 Wood Duck FBP F-L 2011  No
114 Osprey MP, HMBP F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
115 Common Black Hawk Nevis 3Nev No
116 Sharp-shined Hawk Nevis 3Nev No
117 Northern Harrier Nevis 3Nev No
118 Broad-winged Hawk FBP, Hills above Ross U F-2005, L-2019, 3Nev No 
119 Red-tailed Hawk Everywhere F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
120 American Kestrel Everywhere F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
121 Merlin Frigate Bay F-1890, L-2020, 3Nev Yes
122 Peregrine falcon Coastal F-1988, L-2021, 3Nev Yes
123 Turkey Vulture White Bay, Nevis F-L 2023, 3Nev Yes
124 Northern Bobwhite   Introduced in late 1800’s. L-1920, NOW CONSIDERED EXTIRPATED No
125 Helmeted Guineafowl SEP F-2012, L- 2021, 3Nev Yes
126 Red Jungle Fowl Everywhere L-Common, (Also in Nevis) Yes
127 Common Peafowl SEP L-2016, 3Nev (2010) Yes
128 Zenaida Dove Everywhere F-1980, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
129 Bridled Quail Dove P. Manning R/Forest trail F-1922, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
130 Common Ground Dove Everywhere F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
131 Scaly-naped Pigeon Caribelle Bat. F-1935, L-Common, 3Nev Yes 
132 White-crowned Pigeon   F-1950, L-2022, 3Nev. Only 5 species spotted beetween 1950 and 1960. Then one sighting & with photograph in 2011, and 3 spotted in January 2013 in the grounds of the abandoned Fort Thomas Hotel. Several sightings since then, Fortlands Area. Yes
133 Rock Dove Basseterre F-1982, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
134 Eurasian Collard-Dove Conaree, etc F-2006, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
135 White-winged Dove Conaree, etc F-2012, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
136 Ruddy Quail Dove Frigate Bay F-1936, L-2006 No
137 Yellow-billed Cuckoo FRBP, LSP F-1935, L-2019, 3Nev Yes
138 Mangrove Cuckoo FRBP, MP L-2006, l-2018, 3Nev No
139 Smooth-billed Ani FRBP F-2001, L-2022, 3Nev Yes
140 Burrowing Owl   EXTINCT No
141 Common Nighthawk B/TERRE L-2007 No
142 Antillean Nighthawk   F-2007, L-2021 Yes
143 Chuck-will’s-widow   SCHS Bird List & Avibase No
144 Black Swift Estridge Est.  F-1977, L-2018, 3Nev No
145 White-collared Swift Mt. Liamuiga F/L-1977. Record of this uncommon bird supported by sightings in Saba (1969) & Vieques (1971) No
146 Lesser Antillean Swift   Avibase, 3Nev  No
147 Green-throated Carib Caribelle Bat. F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
148 Purple-throated Carib Phillip’s Lev. F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
149 Antillean-crested Hummingbird Everywhere F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
150 Belted Kingfisher All Salt Ponds F-1890, L-Common Yes
151 Green Kingfisher SEP F-2003. Seen by two persons for a period of several days above Turtle Beach Restaurant. No
152 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Nevis 3Nev  No
153 Gray Kingbird Everywhere F-1929, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
154 Eastern Kingbird   Avibase. Seen in the Greater Antillean Islands, and also on Dominica. No
155 Lesser Antillean Pewee  Forests, SEP F-1982, L-1988, 3Nev (2014). Several sightings SKB on SEP, and at Phillip’s level. No
156 Fork-tailed Flycatcher Nevis One sighting, Nevis (2010) Photographed. No
157a Lesser Antillean Flycatcher Phillip’s Level F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
b Stolid Flycatcher (Now changed to Lesser Antillian Flycatcher)  Brimstone H. F-2006, L-2017, 3Nev N/A
158 Caribbean Elaenia Everywhere F-2006, L-Common, 3Nev Yes 
159 Eastern Phoebe Frigate Bay ONE SIGHTING ONLY, 2006 (AV)  No
160 Cliff Swallow Anywhere F-1977, L-2006.  No
161 Barn Swallow All Ponds F-1929, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
162 Caribbean Martin Anywhere F-1891, L-2021, 3Nev No
163 Purple Martin   3Nev No
164 Bank Swallow   F-2019, L-2020, 3Nev No
165 Tree Swallow Marriott Beach Resort F-2017, E-bird No
166 Veery Estridge Ghut F-1977, L-2006, 3Nev No
167 Brown Trembler Caribelle B F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
168 Pearly-eyed Thrasher Caribelle B. F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
169 Scaly-breasted Thrasher Caribelle B. F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
170 Brown Thrasher Phillip’s level ONE SIGHTING ONLY, 2006 (AV)  No
171 Swainson’s Thrush Wingfield level F/L 2017 (October) Yes
172 Spectacled Thrush  Nevis Peak  3Nev (2012) No
173 Tropical Mockingbird Nevis F/L 2014, 3Nev (2010) No
174 Black-whiskered Vireo Brimstone H. F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
175 Yellow-throated Vireo Cockleshell  F-2006, L-2011 No
176 Ovenbird Wingfield Level F-1922, L-2015, 3Nev Yes
177 Yellow Warbler Everywhere F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
178 Prairie Warbler Mangroves  F-1890, L- 2018, 3Nev Yes
179 Hooded Warbler Estridge Ghut F-1977, L-2016, 3Nev Yes
180 Black-throated Green Warbler Bayfords F-2012 (MR), L-2020  Yes
181 Black-throated Blue Warbler Lodge Estate F-1974, L-1975, 3Nev No
182 Golden Winged Warbler S.E.P.  F/L 2017 Yes 
183 Northern Parula Lodge Estate F-1890, L-2019, 3Nev  Yes
184 American Redstart Phillip’s level F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
185 Yellow -throated Warbler Frigate Bay F-L 2020 Yes
186 Blackpoll Warbler SEP F-1988, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
187 Cape May Warbler  Brimstone Hill.                 F-1982, L-2013, 3Nev No
188 Prothonotary Warbler Mangroves F-2013, Nevis 1997-98 No
189 Black & White Warbler Brimstone Hill. F-1890, L-2018, 3Nev Yes
190 Pine Warbler GSP ONE SIGHTING ONLY, 2006, (AV) No
191 Yellow-rumped Warbler Frigate Bay L-2012, l-2018, 3Nev Yes
192 Magnolia Warbler St.Kitts/Nev L-2012, (Nevis)1997/98 Yes
193 Kentucky Warbler St.Kitts/Nev F-2018, 3 Nev 1997/98 No
194 Chestnut-sided warbler Caribelle Batik F-2017, L-2018 No 
195 Louisiana Waterthrush FRBP/MP F-1936, L-2018, 3Nev No
196 Northern Waterthrush Cockleshell F-1982, L-2021, 3Nev Yes
197 Bananaquit Everywhere F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
198 Scarlet Tanager Estridge/SEP F-1977, L-2006, 3Nev No
199 Summer Tanager Woods SCHS, Nevis 1997-98 No
200 Antillean Euphonia Mt. Liamuiga F-1880, L-2011, 3Nev No
201 Indigo Bunting Scrub/Trees Bayfords/St. Peters Area. F-2011, L-2018 Yes
202 Lesser Antillean Bullfinch Everywhere F-1880, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
203 St. Kitts Bullfinch (No longer Sub-Specie of Puerto Rican Bullfinch. It has been split by the A.O.U to a new and separate specie in June 2021) Mt. Liamuiga & Stonefort–Rainforests CONSIDERED EXTINCT-(Important: See note in Introduction, above). May still be alive! Possible sighting in 1993 and credible report of call heard 2012. Please keep looking! Now Endemic to SKB/NEV No
204 Black-faced Grassquit Everywhere F-1890, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
205 Yellow-bellied Seedeater Four Seasons ONE SIGHTING ONLY, 2006, Nevis. Seen by two persons on one occasion. (RP + 1) No
206 Blue Grosbeak Not specified F/L-1997-98  No
207 Rose-breasted Grosbeak GSP ONE SIGHTING ONLY, 2006, (AV) No
208 Lesser Antillean Saltator Nevis F-1890, L-2007, 3Nev (2011) No
209 House Sparrow Taylor’s Vill. F1997-98, L-Common, 3Nev Yes
210 Nutmeg Mannikin FBGC F-2012, L-Common Yes
211 Bobolink GSP F-1988, L-2017, 3Nev Yes
212 Carib Grackle Nevis F-1960, 3Nev No
213 Shiny Cowbird (Glossy) Bayfords F-2017, L – 2021, 3Nev, Yes
214 Baltimore Oriole (Northern) Shadwell F-1982, L-2015, 3Nev No

Greater Scaup 1974 Possible sighting (See News article)

Upland Sandpiper 1974 Possible sighting (See news article)

Note: The Antillean Mango Hummingbird may have been spotted in Nevis, but the report cannot be substantiated. 



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St. Kitts & Antigua, 18-25 February 2000, 16-23 March 2001 by Roy Hargreaves (2001)

A Natural History of the Island of Nevis by David Robinson & Jennifer Lowery (Reference to “St. Kitts & Nevis Biodiversity Project”, coordinated by Hugh McGuiness, 1997-98)


Greater Scaup 1974 Possible sighting (See News article)

Upland Sandpiper 1974 Possible sighting (See news article)

Note: The Antillean Mango Hummingbird may have been spotted in Nevis, but the report cannot be substantiated. Similarly, a report of the sighting of a Tree Swallow (2013) was received, but remained unconfirmed