By: Michael Ryan As is customary, in early October every year, there is a quiet celebration of International Migratory Bird Day (I.M.B.D.) in St. Kitts. I.M.B.D. is celebrated throughout North, Central & South America, and the Caribbean, on the second Saturday of October, every year. In my case, I generally go birding for 2 full days, which will consume about […]


F March 12, 2017 — Michael Ryan The End of the Greatest Birding Spot!! All good things come to an end! One of the best birding hotspots in St.Kitts came to its natural closure this week! “The waterhole” on the South East Peninsula was a small pond just off of the main road which was initially thought to collect the […]

New bird specie record for I.M.B.D. 2016!

By: Michael Ryan At last! An opportunity to get out in the field again after being consumed by work for so long! For the seventh time in eight years, a quiet celebration of the International Migratory Bird Day took place in St. Kitts. I.M.B.D is celebrated in the Caribbean on or around the second Saturday in October. As is customary […]

No luck with the Pewee!

April 17, 2016 By: Michael Ryan I have not gone birding for some time so I decided load up my binos and camera, and look specifically for a very rare bird in St. Kitts, and last sighted in the 1980’s, the Lesser Antillean Pewee. I chose the area in the woods well to the South of the Christophe Harbour’s Pavilion […]

Bird Report – Alan Vittery

REPORT ON BEHALF OF THE ST. CHRISTOPHER HERITAGE SOCIETY: THE ORNITHOLOGICAL AND ECOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE OF WETLAND SITES AND THE ECO-TOURISM POTENTIAL OF BIRDS IN ST. KITTS Alan Vittery 1. I visited St. Kitts (privately) for two weeks from 11 – 25 November 2006, during which time I made an intensive study of the birds of the southern part of the island, […]

BIRDING REPORT: March 2nd, 2013

BIRDING REPORT Saturday 2nd March, 2013 Christophe Harbour area focusing on the Cockleshell Pond and the “side-ponds” around the Great Salt Pond. By Percival Hanley I visited the Cockleshell Pond on February 16th and was pleasantly surprised to find, among the treasure trove of birds there, two unusual sights, a Tricolored Heron and the first recorded sighting in St.Kitts of […]