By Michael Ryan

During the middle of  March 2020, the country entered a lock down for the COVID – 19 virus, following many other countries in the world. But late in March, something raised our spirits, if only in a small way! Robert Gorvett while at his home at Frigate Bay, St. Kitts, noticed a beautiful bird visit his bird table. He quickly snapped a couple of photos and sent them off for the bird to be identified.

Photo by Robert Gorvett

It was a Yellow-throated Warbler in early breeding plumage, on it migratory trip back to North America. It has a relatively long bill for a Warbler, a black and white head, yellow throat and breast, with a white belly, with black streaks on its side.

A quick search of records indicated that this was a new bird for St. Kitts and Nevis. Unfortunately, I could not go in person to see it due to this crazy virus and the associated lock down!

Something good to make us smile among all the recent bad news throughout the world!