By Michael Ryan

Following the first sighting of the Shiny Cowbird in St. Kitts earlier this month, another new bird has just been spotted.

On the Easter Weekend, on Sunday, April 16, I was birdwatching on the South East Peninsula in the woodlands a bit south of the Christophe Harbour’s Pavilion restaurant, when I saw movement in the top of a large tree. Initially, I thought it was our very common Bannanaquit, but when I spotted a distinct yellow spot on its head, and yellow on its wings, I immediately realized it was something else!

After a quick look with the Binos to observe the general color of the bird, I then attempted to take a few pictures. Although I did not get any really clear shots of it due to the thickness of the branches and leaves, I did manage to get a few that were good enough to ID the bird. It was a Golden-winged Warbler, which is the first sighting in St. Kitts!


The population Golden-winged Warbler has decreased significantly over the past decade, and some programs have been initiated in the USA to arrest this trend.

P1170367 (2)

Yes, a very rewarding Easter Weekend!