By: Michael Ryan

On Saturday October 28, I decided to go to the golf club and just practice a little chipping and putting. As I arrived at the putting green I casually looked to my left at the adjacent pond, and nearly fell down in shock!! About 30 yards away was a large brown bird with a large down-curved bill. It was much too big and much too dark to be a Whimbrel. Fortunately, I had brought along my Binos and my camera, and so I whipped them out and got to work right away.



Dozens of pictures later and good observation with my Binos, there was no doubt, that this was a Glossy Ibis, a very rare bird for St.Kitts. It appeared to be an immature.



When I went home I checked my sources, and while it has been spotted in Nevis before, there is no evidence to suggest that it has been spotted here in St.Kitts. Wow, that is the fifth new bird for St. Kitts this year! What a lucky sighting!!