By Michael Ryan June 16, 2021

A recent report from the Northern end of the island indicated there was a strange bird flying around Bell Tate beach. Percy Hanley heard about it and on Sunday, June 6th, travelled to the area to see if he could spot it. Sure enough, there was a bird flying around. After a careful study, and a few photos, it was determined to be an Antillean Nighthawk! While they breed in some islands of the Caribbean, they are generally considered rare in the Lesser Antilles and are not often seen!

The Antillean Nighthawk is a nightjar, with adults being dark with brown and grey, with slender pointed wings with a conspicuous white wing patches on each wing. 

Photo by Percival Hanley

As is customary, the flight was erratic with a lot of movement, but Percy managed to get a few photographs which were useful for identifying purposes. An interesting sighting!