By Michael Ryan

February 16, 2022

Well, well well. Just when I thought that seeing two different rare birds in the first week of February was great, who would have thought that just a few days later, I would see an additional 3 rare birds! On Monday, February 7th, driving home for lunch about midday, I glanced to my left and saw four whitish Sea Gulls on the Bay Road beach, just past West-Bourne ghut. This immediately caught my attention, but with the traffic being heavy I had no option but to continue driving. However, about an hour later, on my way back to work, armed with my binoculars and camera, I spotted the Gulls in the distance! They were still there!! Great! So I stopped took some pictures with my zoom lens, and then briefly stopped outside the Public Market and fired off a few more shots, much to the disgust of the waiting traffic! I had a good idea what one was, but was uncertain of the other one. Back at the office, a quick check of the pictures and the field guide, determined that there were three Black-headed Gulls and one Ring-billed Gull. Wow, both are quite rare in St.Kitts.

Black-headed Gull , Bay Road, Photo. M. Ryan

Ring billed Gull, Bay Road. Photo: Michael Ryan

Black headed Gulls have a black ear spot, two toned bill, and a black tail band.

Ring-billed Gulls are fairly large, and their description will vary with their age, but will have a black tip on their bills.

Well that was interesting! Then the following day, as soon as I left home at 7:00 am to head to work, I saw a duck walking on the side of the road! Are you kidding me!! I drove slowly by, and took a couple of pictures with my cell phone. A Muscovy Duck! Very rare for St. Kitts, but more than likely, an escapee from somewhere nearby!

Muscovy Duck, Fortlands, Photo; Michael Ryan